XL Cheese-A Cult Classic
There can be only one way to start my crsip related blog and that is to acknowledge the position of a crisp whose taste insires both devotion, happy memories and for those who have moved away a sadness at its scarcity. We are takling about XL Cheese crisps!!!

In my youth XL Cheese were made by Bensons and my father had a strange addiction to them, often devouring multiple bags one after the other. Indeed one of my favourite childhood photos is of my dad and I coimg out of a pub in Scotland while on holiday and my dad has 9 bags of XL Cheese in his hands!! My fate was sealed. But it was not just my father, everyone loved them. Little did I know then that these crisps were only available in the North West of England and South Scotland and once people moved beyond these boundaries XL Cheese were not available. You hear stories of exile Cumbrians and Scots stocking up with boxes of XL Cheese each time they returned home, sustatining them until their next visit.

They seemed to disappear for a while as Bensons was bought by Golden Wonder, but have been back on the scene for a few years now, again mainly in North Cumbria and South West Scotland. Athough they have changed owners they have lost none of that special taste. You know something is good when its taste inspires memories and these crisps do it everytime-simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!