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Thread: Rumblings Of Discontent

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    i thought the 5 mill debt is wot we owe PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acido View Post
    I genuinely didnt know that or see that Exile, and if its true that we are still in debt right now after all the money we've made from sales and from Wembley etc. then thats an absolute disgrace.

    See post 3 on the Mr Beane thread
    You either believe it or not who knows but personally I do

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    There's no discontent from me. If Hecky keeps us up (and I think he will) it will be a minor miracle. It's easy to express concerns watching from the sidelines, nit pick, slag him off, throw teddy art ot cot or whatever but as Swazer rightly said it's about sticking together. We're 9 games in, I think there's been lots to be positive about despite 5 defeats. These players are learning about this division and Hecky is learning about the players. Hecky has earned the right to be given the appropriate time and trust of the club and supporters. I think the majority can see that and appreciate that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponte_Steve24 View Post
    He isn't changing the team though Animal. Certain lads are failing or being ineffective and are keeping their places in the squad whilst others haven't had a chance to shine.

    We didn't sign Dimitri Cavare injured did we? Never got a chance after playing a blinder for Huddersfield against us in pre -season. Stevie Mallan we were tracking last season and was a first team regular north of the border. Mowatt was played on this wing instead of central against Bristol City and gets dumped even though he was seemingly good enough to make the bench in every other match before his loan move?

    Pearson constantly found wanting at right back and isn't dropped until the QPR game. Then we have Mcgeehan one of two main summer signings back to fitness and warming the bench for Brad Potts. You couldn't make it up.

    Don't let me get started about Thiam. WTF is going on there? Ugbo and Bradshaw aren't firing what does the bloke have to do? Taking Barnes off against QPR after he'd scored a worldy and leaving Potts on with a swelled up foot.

    These rubbish tactics and substitutions were happening last season as well. Mowatt and Moncur should have been left to form an understanding instead we got Matty James in on loan. He should have been brought in as cover. Hedges should have been given a go up front. Watkins should have been played on the wing too. Let him sulk should av' been the remit.

    Hecky has been making dubious calls for the last nine months. He's signed umpteen midfielders and was relying on our main signing until the last minute with no back up.(Mcburnie) That deal fell through. He could at least have tried to get in a striker at the top of the goal scoring charts off the Moneyball spreadsheet. He chose not to.

    This isn't me being a keyboard warrior neither Animal. These are genuine concerns. I'd love it if I was invited to sit down with him and ask him quite frankly WTF he is playing at.
    Cavare was signed after we won against Forest and then did his hamstring the same week

    We've not had anyone else to cover for Pearson have we ? Lad had to be thrown straight in

    Why is McGeehan more of a main signing than Potts , they cost similar. McGeehan is slowly coming back from a bad leg break , takes time to build up a players confidence.

    If you are blaming Hecky for not signing a different player to McBurnie then I'm honestly shocked Steve that you still don't get that Hecky doesn't go out and sign the players and would have chosen to not buy a big goalscorer ... whoever that might be as there's not many out there.

    Agree about Mallon , I'd like to have a look at him and Thiam .

    Mowatt has been sent out to get some games at Oxford , they're hoping it's a kick up the arse like it was for Moncur

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swazer16 View Post
    Don't know what people expect. Through no fault of Heckys, he has had to bring in 17 new players of which none apart from one has played at this level and look at a number of them not in pre season but has the season is underway! It is a near on impossible task and if we survive this season it will be one of the greatest achievements in our history.

    When results are not going our way everyone seems to have the answer to how we are all of a sudden going to win games, play this player, play the other player, play this formation, two up top etc and that somehow this will work. Don't people think that Hecky goes through every scenario. Players have to be up to speed in a scientific, physical and mental capacity before they play at this level and there is nobody better qualified or in the know than our Manager whether the players who haven't been included yet are ready!

    I understand frustrations and I hate to see us lose, it wrecks my week and pisses me off big time. But if we are going to have any chance we have to stick together and support the team! Everyone can have an opinion and a moan but to think that anyone could do it better than the man we have in charge is beyond me!
    Spot on.

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