What a horrible game of football.

Three holding (non-creative) midfielders and a long ball, “combative”, approach made the first half almost unwatchable. Crawley were not a good side, but we treated them like Real Madrid. And the respect we showed them, coupled with our kick and rush approach and inability to retain possession of the football meant they had the best two chances of the game until the break and we only had Bonham to thank for keeping us in the game. Second half, Adams showed the best piece of quality of the day to win the game before Bennett and Parkes did their best to throw it all away. Utter chaos and we somehow emerge with the points – but we have significant quality issues all over the pitch…

Bonham – 7 – Much improved, two decent saves in the first half getting his body behind the ball well. Decent distribution with a smuttering of vaguely insane moments – deserves to keep his place and deserves credit for the clean sheet.

Brown – 7 – Some great blocks and tackles. Use of the football not great, but not terrible or as bad as some of other “more creative” players. He is, however, principally there to defend, which he generally does well.

Grainger – 6 – Generally solid if unspectacular. We really should be able to find better at this level – looks tired, old and slow.

Hill – 7 – Some excellent cross field passing, solid defending and good communication. We’d be screwed defensively without him.

Parkes – 5 – One or two Jurassic Park moments that almost cost us a goal in the first half, but Hill generally held his leash very well. Acted like a moron to get himself sent off at the end, We should’ve kept hold of Ellis, frankly.

Etuhu – 2 – Can’t pass, can’t head, can’t tackle, can’t run, easily dispossessed. Utter garbage, he’s not a footballer. Inexcusable to have this on the pitch when Devitt is warming the bench and Kennedy is at B&Q shopping for shelves. Walking about numbly in midfield he gets in the way of both teams - whether it works out for us is completely random. Inexplicable that he wasn’t substituted until so late in the game.

Jones – 6 – Decent holding work, but lacking spark and struggled with his distribution.

Joyce – 5 – You are allowed to pass forward Luke. Welcome to the void last inhabited by James Berrett.

Adams – 7* - Great effort and great cross to provide the goal - the only piece of real quality in the whole game for either side. Still lacking a bit of sharpness and a touch of composure – and was victim of a totally idiotic substitution by our incompetent manager.

Miller – 7 – I have more sympathy for Miller than any other of our players. He battled gamely for high balls, numbly pumped up to him all first half, made some excellent runs and gave 100% chasing lost causes. None of our players had the quality to find his runs in the channels, our midfielders should hang their heads in shame. Curle couldn’t wait to (harshly & wrongly) substitute him.

Hope – 7 – Up until the goal it was typical Hope – all fluster and bluster and absolutely no end product. I’m not going to say he couldn’t have missed the opportunity that Adams made for him (this is Hope we’re talking about), but I credit him for making the run and being in the right place at the right time.


Bennett – 0 – Unprofessional, cry-baby, nonsense. We paid money for this? Deservedly sent off – and at the minute doesn’t deserve to even be on our bench, or to train with the youth team – or to pick up a wage.

Devitt – 6 – I’m not sure asking him to replace Adams was the wisest idea, he should’ve been brought on to supplement and support him

Liddle – 5 – Ran on to the pitch.