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Thread: Harry Kane

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    Harry Kane

    Is probably the only English player today that would tempt the European giants of football to "Go English".

    Can't see PSG going for Dier, Madrid going for Vardy or Barcelona going for Stones.

    Yet there are hundreds of foreign players coming to England from a plethora of nations that apparently make the Premier League the Best League In The World.

    Yeah right.

    Anyone looking forward to the International break?

    Thought not.

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    The international break comes a distant second to league football for me. At this moment in time Harry Kane is on top of his game and scoring for fun. I do think eventually one of the mega rich sides will test Spurs' patience and make them an offer that could be too good to refuse!

    I mentioned at work today during a discussion about Harry Kane the comparisons a few years ago between him and Berahino. The England U21s game at Molineux sprang to mind. Even then i thought out the two that Kane would make a name for himself, so far, so good for him.

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