Afternoon lads - this might be a bit off topic but I could really do with some help from Barnet fans.

Basically, I am the coach for MAN v FAT Football which as the name would suggest are football leagues for men who want to lose weight. Our leagues are exclusively for guys whose BMI is higher than 27.5. We play a 14-week league (the Borehamwood one is at Maccabi - full details at and have teams of 10 who play a 30 minute game each week. The unique thing about the games are that players weigh in before and they earn goal bonuses for their individual and team weight loss. That's added to the pitch scores and that's how we decide our games.

There's a quick video explainer here:

We're passionate about supporting men who want to lose weight because the guy who started it has struggled with weight all his life. There's naff all help out there for normal blokes who want to lose weight. So he started MAN v FAT in 2014 and now we support more than a million men per year on our site and forum (

The MAN v FAT Football leagues started in January 2016 and we now have more than 4,500 players who between them have lost nearly 50 tons. We're bringing the leagues to Barnet/Borehamwood in October and 95% of players lose weight and I'd absolutely love to get the league full. For some reason, Borehamwood is so far seeming to be much harder to fill though. I'm wondering if any locals could give me their thoughts on where we need to be looking for guys who might join up? Or any suggestions really!

All the best,