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Thread: Queen of the South Supporters Liaison Committee

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    Queen of the South Supporters Liaison Committee

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    We are delighted to confirm that as a group Ross Corbett,Nathan Maxwell, Simon Clingan and Iain Wright have taken on the voluntary role as Queen of the south football club supporters Liaison committee. Our role is to provide supporters a link into the club allowing fans to put their thoughts, views and ideas forward.
    The role is backed by Uefa and the Scottish FA in the context of the clubs licensing regulatory framework and is designed to ensure that fans have a dedicated point of contact at Queens and a committee that will best represent the needs of the fans within the club and ensure that the most common issues are raised at the highest level at Palmerston Park.
    We intend to meet all known supporters groups over the next few weeks and within the next month hold our first open meeting.
    We realise this role will not be easy but as a group we are all excited and enthusiastic about the task ahead. We hope to continue to build bridges between the club and supporters and also help promote the club within the community.
    Anyone looking to contact the SLO committee may do so via our Facebook and Twitter pages or email

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    Follow us on twitter at QOSFC_SLO or Facebook on Queen of the South Supporters Liaison Committee page .....

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    All the best to these lads . Never forget - and especially at a small club like ourselves - that we are FAR stronger as a united group than splintered fragments. That goes for fans , players and Board.

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    Fully concur mate and aw the best to the 4 musketeers. So glad they reached an agreement with the club at last night's meeting -onwards and upwards - we are the steeple - yer hame team's yer ain team

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