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Thread: League starts this season

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    League starts this season

    Wiedwald 11
    Ayling 11
    Phillips 11
    Okane 10
    Alioski 10
    Hernandez 10
    Jansson 9
    Cooper 8
    Saiz 8
    Anita 7
    Roofe 6
    Lasogga 5
    Berardi 3
    Shaughnessy 3
    Pennington 2
    Jackson 1
    Klich 1
    Dallas 1
    Ekuban 1

    Based on this, youíd possibly say TCs preferred 11 up to now has been

    Wiedwald, Ayling, Anita, Jansson, Cooper, Phillips, Okane, Alioski, Hernandez, Saiz, Roofe/Lasogga

    And in terms of double figure starts, only ayling from the defence is up there, the rest bar wiedwald are midfield and wing/10. We all know wiedwald aint great at the moment, but could this possibly be partly to do with the fact that wiedwald is new, hes communicating with players hes not played with before, and that Berardi Shaughnessy Pennington and Jackson have all had to be used due to injuries and suspensions? If say anita jansson and cooper had all played 10/11 games aswell, would that have made any difference in our losses this season? Iím not sure, but I just wonder if maybe we revert to that above lineup in our next game, will that help matters, or do we need to see those from Berardi downwards, and the other guys who havenít even started a league game yet, to see how they do?

    To put it in perspective, TC could throw a huge surprise for reading and field this 11

    Lonergan Berardi Jackson pennington Shaughnessy klich Vieira dallas sacko cibicki grot

    That would definitely surprise 1 or 2 if that 11 played, question is, would that 11 be strong enough to beat reading?

    The joys of being TC, this is what hes up against this season, tough decisions!

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    What the frig are you on about of course he isn't going to play all the players he hasn't started this year lmao. I'd like to see Vieira and Dallas get more game time but other than that none of the rest have really done anything in their appearances to justify selection

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