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Thread: Anyone dreading having to watch England play

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    Anyone dreading having to watch England play

    With no domestic football no Saturday bets no going the Church, we are left watching England which I can only aliken to pulling teeth.
    I really cannot get up to watching the likes of Sterling, Oxtail or henderson, my God I bet Greece are crap ping themselves?
    I've never wanted two weeks of my life to hurry up, bring on the Wolves games. Pity in this day and age we cannot fast forward!

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    I know I hate these weekends. No match and no fantasy football.
    I'm glad Wales are doing ok. Looks like we might just qualify after all.
    England are rubbish. Only joking! They remind me of Liverpool. Great midfielders and forwards but a poor defence with no back bone.
    A combo of Rashford Kayne Ali up front could be quite magical. Sterling is playing well but the defence is quite poor. Heart is not an international keeper and you will never win a World Cup with him between the sticks.
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    My football app just told me we won. Oh good. Also told me snodgrass did his best to get the jocks thru but to no avail. Can I start to move my dream team around safely yet? Oh no Chile are plying tomorrow. #hateinternationals

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