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Thread: Beating the timewasters

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    Beating the timewasters

    Talk about poetic justice! They take off their strikers, use every trick in the book and we score with the last meaningful kick of the match - it doesn't get much sweeter than that!!

    It certainly helps when the manager plays a solid formation, picks players who are familiar with their roles within that formation and introduces pace throughout the side. Hard to pick out an understanding player, although the right man was MotM, with some stiff competition for a change. Gorgeous George was back to something like his best (must've been the beard) and it was good to see why we signed Grant on loan. And for those that don't rate Bowery it was great to see him score

    OK we didn't create a hatful of gilt edged chances, but we were on the front foot for most of the match for a change. Bowery and Daggers up front didn't give their Back 4 a minute's peace, which led to mistakes and booting the ball into Row Z. Jordan hasn't scored as often as perhaps he should, but his mobility helps all the team. Then, when the opposition is tired, bring on the big fella - worked pretty well this week.

    Very satisfying!!

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    Thanks for the report AA, "Very satisfying" indeed. Had a good feeling about this one today, great result! Hopefully we can push on from this at Yeovil next Sat. C.O.Y.R!

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    Possibly the wrong thread and we could write a book on the referee Trevor Kettle but with 5 second half substitutions (minimum of 20 secs. for each I believe), I recall at least 2 visits on to the pitch by the physio and loads of time wasting by Stevenage, how come we only get 4 add on minutes at the end. Not only blind and officious but can't even add up.

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    In retrospect I am perfectly happy with Kettle's mathematical inability.

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    Absolutely as it worked out, but can't help but think that if it was one of bigger supported clubs at home in the 1st or 2nd divisions, with a baying crowd it would have been 6 minutes.

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    Two of their subs came on at the same time, but, given the amount of time wasting employed by Stevenage, we couldn't have complained at 6 minutes really.

    Strangely (for him) Mr Kettle had a fairly uneventful first half, soft penalty notwithstanding, but when the match came to the boil he seemed to lose his whistle. Thanks, I'll get my coat ��

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    Pleased that we got the win, and happy that Bowery scored. Lets hope it gives him confidence. To be fair to the man, you can never doubt his efforts.

    Stevenage were poor in the 1st half, and incredibly completely negative in the second. It was as if they were not interested. I do hope that DA does not read too much into this win. For me Stevenage offered no competition. We do not look like a balanced side, and our play is not smooth and balanced, Our defenders seem to lack confidence in our midfield, so they just lump it up the other end. On recent displays can understand that.

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