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Thread: Well done Scotland

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    Well done Scotland

    I stuck a tenner on them at half time that they would completely balls that up and they didn't disappoint.

    They are the absolute parody of all parodies

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    You could see that coming a mile away. Same old same old. That's the very reason i struggle to be motivated by Scotland.

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    Think McGhee has a big say in their formation and tactics by the way Scotland played.It was like watching us when he was manager everyone behind the ball making sure they dropped right back into their own goal area and just boot the ball up the field to the opposition allowing them to return it with interest. Thank goodness we got him to Donald Duck couldn't watch that every week ��������

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    Anyone in the age group of 45-55 just knew they would fekk it up ... AGAIN! I even interrupted my viewing of The Antiques Road-show for 15 mins before the inevitable happened.
    Feel sorry (and amazed), why there's thousands of TA fans constantly travel to watch Scotland fall at the final, or next to final hurdle.

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    We actually did much better in that campaign than I thought we would at the start...yet still not good enough.

    No sign of it changing either.

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    Not just 45-55 age group I’m 35 and I saw that coming. Only Scotland can go from 2 stirkers on the pitch to 1 when we needed to win. Changes were needed quicker but as usual Strachan and McGhee looked startled and not sure what to do. Midfield need freshened up. Think most people would have taken off Philips and flechter for some fresh legs and more attacking omph. Then Martin for fletcher to still give us a target man. Griffiths can’t do it all on his own up front

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