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Thread: On Topic Thread Shock Horror

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    On Topic Thread Shock Horror

    OK enough of this, back to footy

    I don't know most of you, so please tell me

    When you went to your first Derby match
    The last derby legend you saw away from the ground
    If you wear replica kit out in public (ie not on matchday)


    Boxing Day '68 3-2 versus Middlesborough, and thanks to two weddings and a week in Tenby the first 14 games I saw were all victories, the run broken by a defeat to Man city nearly ten months later.

    Last Ram? Roy McFarland holding court in The Yard. Before that, Barry Butlin, who bought a copy of my book off me at a school winter fair

    I never wear anything with writing on, so no (conservative old fart)


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    Sept' 1972 v Tottenham...but didn't start 'supporting' them till Sept' 1988.

    Steve Powell working at Derby College.

    Never ever. Modern football kits should never be worn by people beyond their late thirties, with a waste size in excess of 32'' and less than acceptable personal hygiene imo. (Afraid I fail on the first two!)

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    Game in 1963 but cannot remember the opponents for certain, but I think it was Cardiff City.

    Met Raich Carter in Hull once. Real gent.

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    81/82 v Charlton score 1-1 goals scorer Frank Sheridan.

    Met with Mark Wright here on the Isle of Man last summer. He was over for a soccer school my friend was involved in.

    Never worn a shirt unless I was playing.

    Topical stuff Andy, I'm over for Forest game at weekend and whilst I spent my first game sat on one of the Ossie upper tier seats that had not been ripped out, my boy (Charlie George) will be attending his first game in the hospitality suite on Sunday aged 3 - he will be sporting a shirt!

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    Great stuff Manx, start 'em young!!
    My first match was in 1955, ain't foggiest who or what the score was! My Uncle Tom took me in the Normo Upper Tier and, bless him, I was hooked!
    Me and my mates used to often meet McGovern and his brother in the Pennine Hotel but my overriding memory is an evening in the company of 'ole bighead' in the Broadway when I'd popped in with my brother. I drooled over every word that left his lips!!

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