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    Matt Phillips

    Matt Phillips can be a game changer but has he lost his mojo? Lacklustre displays for Albion this season and a lacklustre display for Scotland. With Leko, Burke and the Irish legend known as James McClean competing for his place he's going to need to find where he put it pretty quick.

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    Another victim of the Pulis way.

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    I like Matt Phillip but he is what he is.

    No other PL team were prepared to go in for him and it took us a long time to secure the deal. Very good at times wherever he has been but too many games where he doesn’t contribute a lot. Hardly been a regular in a poor Scotland team over the last 5 years has he and he didn’t even stand out that often at QPR.

    If anything TP trying to make him more of an all round midfielder should be better for him as he will or should be move involved. It is up to the player to want to do it and then just do it! Certainly cannot see a top 6 team even giving him a passing glance.

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    He started last season slowly and was then unrecognisable after, hopefully it will be the same this season.

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    It was the Leicester game last season that 'turned the tide' for him last season. Is it too much to hope that the same could happen again on Monday? Probably!

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