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Thread: Guess Who !!! Wolves & Villans

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    Guess Who !!! Wolves & Villans

    Hang on in there guys only a couple of days to go after two weeks of mind numbing boredom.

    So just a quickie quiz in honour of Saturday's derby game against Wolves.

    First 3 photo's are fairly easy but I will be impressed if anyone can get the last 2

    I can provide clues if necessary..........

    Name:  Cyrille Regis.jpg
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    Name:  Michael Oakes.jpg
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    Name:  Paul Birch.jpg
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    Name:  Peter Broadbent.jpg
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    Name:  BARRY STOBART.jpg
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    Hi Rosie love your quiz & looking forward to locking horns with the Dingles on Saturday

    1. Cyrill Regis
    2. Michael Oakes
    3. Paul Birch
    4. Peter Broadbent
    5. Barry Stobart

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    Well done Foxy. 👏👏👏

    Where you going down VP when Broadbent and Stobart played?

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    Yes Rosie I saw all of them play My first season was 63/64 & Ive been going ever since (glutton for punishment or what)
    How about you,when did you first go

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    After driving Dad barmy he finally relented and took me to VP the season we dropped into the 3rd division 1970/1971.

    Loved standing in the Holte, the atmosphere and the songs.

    We had a standing season ticket for years.


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