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Thread: Goals conceded against Livi on the zone

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    Goals conceded against Livi on the zone

    Caught napping for the first. Looks like they’d given up before the second was scored, too many half hearted couldn’t give a feck attempts to stop it.

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    The first goal from the long punt puts all the blame on Lewis who should never have been beaten from a very tight angle at the near post. His first flog for us, hope it's his last.
    And the 2nd goal I'm afraid is rank bad lazy defending by Durnan with an 'assist' from Robson who's two yards away from cutting out the square ball.
    I wasn't there but the nature of the two goals lost almost appear indicative of half-hearted effort.

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    Both goals show me that the players are permitted to express themselves a bit on the park, against a team that is rigid in having to get organized and stay to the plan!

    Goal 1, Livi defender gets the baw and sees one of his attackers on the move. Defense should have been alive to it, keeper maybe should have come out and definitely should have saved it.

    Goal 2, they closed us down then opened us up with a cheeky wee baw over Robson with some good movement around a sleeping defense!

    We had the better players on the day, but they dont look like a team, and by now they really should. Livi players might not be the best individually, but playing as a team might see them doing better than us, and that is scary!

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