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Thread: Tam duthie and his dab pals.

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    Tam duthie and his dab pals.

    "Without being too critical of a set of supporters who've had to endure more than most, just having a little patience might help"

    Apart from the last 8 hundred and odd days what the **** have they had to endure?

    Oh and a boy band fetish......who would of thought it eh.

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    Poor little souls that they are. Rubber lipped Tam giving the Doonsters a wee hug to make them feel better. Phuckin laughable

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    Throw in 2 admins ,piss poor owners and no major silverwear it's a miracle we're still here ,the most self righteous shower of cnuts them dabs...!!!! I love the slow lingering death that is taking place just now wonder what will be the tipping point....

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