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    Lion Tamers..

    Fifty or so gritty Lions old boys enjoyed a trip to Putney on saturday hiring a boat for a cruise along the Thames to their game at Brentford while enjoying a liguid luncheon.
    On disembarking the group were surprised to be approached by a rather menacing posse of Preston hard nuts looking for a ruck ahead of their match at nearby Fulham.
    When it was casually pointed out to the snarling Preston mob that they had in fact got the wrong target and were face to face with Lions supporters they quickly backed off and sheepishly announced "Oh, we will leave it then"

    While it's an impressive job in itself mistaking Millwall fans for Fulham supporters, we say hats off to the Bermondsey boat crew for acting as the most unlikely peacemakers.

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    Hahaha great story Claw.

    Fancy Preston mistaking you for Fulhammm haha Well I guess it's why they're called KNOBBERS (Cue Gards )

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