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Thread: v Fulham

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    v Fulham

    Starting lineup:-


    Mail have named only 10 players in our starting lineup but pretty sure Onomah is playing.
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    Great result. Top 5!!

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    We should be winning without having a sense of relief when the final whistle is blown. Sitting back for the last 20 minutes means we are one slip away from losing our lead and with whelan in the middle that slip is never far away!

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    A good win but feel that we’re gonna have to improve loads to keep this promotion push going !

    Still nice to be in Top 6 for a change

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    Yes Daz I agree on both counts,hopefully we have the squad that will improve ( a L /Back is a must in January window imo) & for me this is where the hard work starts staying in the top 6 or thereabouts & see what materialises. With what has gone on down VP in recent years I never thought we would be good enough for automatic promotion I always thought a best chance was through the playoffs,but you never know

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