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Thread: Pundits,ex players,and nobody's

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    Pundits,ex players,and nobody's

    I'm total s*ck of reading we expect champions league challenging for the the title blah blah blah.... Yea in the days of Keegan and sir bobby we expected to BC we were a champions league club then finishing 2nd 3rd 4th in the league, abit like spurs expect to be in champions league BC they are finishing in it most seasons but would pundits be saying in 10-15 years that spurs expect champions league and are deluded if they hadn't battled for those places for so long? Everton think they should be challenging for champions league places every season but they have only finiwhed top 4 once in premier league. And as for palace..... Sh*tty little cockney club that thought when they signed benteke etc they would be challenging for European places.........but they don't get called deluded....

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    a knaa but we are far north of the watford gap so must be deluded

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    Its our ex players such as Bellamy Dyer that really p*as me off, I expect it from the likes of merson,collymore

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    I canīt help thinking this is all a wind up by the press. They know our passion for the game and the club and so thay keep making these scandalous statements, knowing them to be false, just to get a rise and 'sell newspapers'.

    I mean noone can be that stupid.........can they?

    Itīs what all other clubs' supporters want to hear too. Letīs face it, our support is head and shoulders above any in the country and this clearly creates resentment eventhough we are never a challenge on the pitch.

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    Class a lot of the shyte they come out with as noise.


    Few speak sense. Virtually everyone with the club's interest at heart agrees that Fat Pig should sell up. No one has a crystal ball and any owner can be good or bad. The one we have now is bad so the new one would have to be worse for it to be a bad development for the club. Chances are: it would be better than where we are at the minute.

    The "deluded" narrative is worn out now. Anyone who feeds it is best ignored.

    Most fans just want to embark on a new chapter. The current chapter has been going on for 10 miserable years!!!

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    Some pundits are slowly coming round to the fact that we could soon have big money coming into the club for players.

    Merson of all people yesterday said if they have the money of course they will compete for the top.What player would not want to play in that fantastic stadium in front of that crowd.

    Steady on there Merson what are you on.?

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    Garth Crooks also said Rafa could win the league with us if he gets the right investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammy89 View Post
    Garth Crooks also said Rafa could win the league with us if he gets the right investment.
    Every club can win the title with the right investment though. Money talks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HughieG View Post
    Every club can win the title with the right investment though. Money talks.
    Very true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toptoon View Post

    I mean noone can be that stupid.........can they
    Nothing surprises me where the British public are concerned,considering most of them read the Sun etc.They will believe anything thats printed.They voted two witches in to number ten,they voted brexit.That doesn't explain why the scum press have it in for us?? I'm at a loss there..

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