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Thread: Where's TTR?

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    Where's TTR?

    How's TTR getting on? Have anyone heard any news on his condition?

    Hope he's recovering. Do try to contact him via FB, Essex.

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    Will do, he normally pops up FB but haven't heard from him for a while,
    Will try to contact him.

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    Sent him a message, hasn't been on FB since early September.

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    ok thanks. Hope it's nothing serious.

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    Tricky is alive and kicking but not on Footymad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adlestropred View Post
    Tricky is alive and kicking but not on Footymad.
    As long he's alive and kicking, that's great news.
    I've lost a brother to cancer, so I know how dreadful it can be.
    And talking about this illness, does anyone know what became of SBC and his fight with the disease?

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    Tricky is still posting on Twitter. I have tried to engage him but he has blocked me.He never says anything and just retweets his idols - Nigel Farage.Jacob Rees Mogg,Katie Hopkins & President Trump. I think he has given up on trying to change the world by word of mouth and will just shoot us one by one.

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    He's in good company there with that lot 😊

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    He blocked you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romanis View Post
    He blocked you?
    Which is fine not having him up my arse after every post I make & being unable to read his stuff is a blessing.

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