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Thread: F.A.O. Laz....

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    F.A.O. Laz....

    Come back Laz we always enjoy your comments on here on any subject and Gaz is feeling a bit neglected holding the fort on his own.

    I know how passionate you are about the Robins and it is good to see how well you are doing. Glad to see you are playing Harry Smith and he is knocking in a few goals for you.

    Also you should have finished reading my book by now, what do you think about it

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    Alright Claw, how's you? Good win v Blue Nosers.

    Laz doesn't seem to want to reply here?

    Did you upset him in Barry as well?

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    Hi Claw nice to hear from you again. Swindon aren’t doing too badly but our home form has been rubbish so we need to sort that if we want to get promoted back to the 1st Division, and your boy Harry is doing well for us but he recently had to go back to London for a few weeks as his dad is unwell. Yes I should start posting more as gaz must be getting fed up with no support, would be good if a few of the old posters started posting again as well?

    I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t started your book yet as I have been really busy and away a lot this year so I will get cracking on it soon and let you know what I think of it. You wrote a great inscription on the inside which I would like to share on here:

    “Life is what you make it
    Dream as if you will live forever
    Live as if you will die today”

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    Great to see you posting back on here Laz, you are such a busy lad. Gaz has been busy over on the England board but as you say good if a few of the old posters came back.
    I think you will do allright in the League, at least top 6

    As to my book I wrote it as a work of fiction but parts of it are true. Such as my Israeli girlfriend, my friendship with the U.S. Marine officer during the Vietnam war, the battle in Borneo etc. I did not have to research any of the countries as I have spent time in them all.

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    A damned good read Laz

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    Nice to see the secret 'Lazzer' back again lol.
    Hey Laz, Im all for a bit of stealth and secrecy in my video games, even more so when it comes to a bit of ghosting and no kills as well etc.
    Good to see you reply again anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtimeram View Post
    A damned good read Laz
    Cheque's in the mail Rammy.

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    Laz woz ere? Darn it I missed, him again

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    Quote Originally Posted by claw84 View Post
    Cheque's in the mail Rammy.
    When do I get to read the next one Claw?

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