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Thread: F.a.o. Lion1

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    F.a.o. Lion1

    How's it going? I hope you and yours are in fine fettle.

    I just seen your attempt to engage with some Cambridge fans about seeing how Ford is getting on.

    Sorry to inform you but they aren't Cambridge fans there,or perhaps there's just one who claims he is an fan off of them, he is called PSAW or something daft like that. But you won't get much sent out of off of him either me thinks.

    The posters on there aren't followers of decent footie chat as the just prefer to think they are funny when an genuine poster goes on there to to off of proper football speak like yoose good self.

    The lingo is off of an mix of illiteracy and off of an funny kent modeth.

    Take care and hope we can meet up again somewhen

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    Not one reply? FFS what a BUNCH OF SAD SACKS

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    I am fine gaz and you?
    Yes the carrot eating cambridge lot seem werid andfind it hard to answer a simple question.

    It would be good to meet up you hear much from laz?

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    Glad you're fine Lion1.
    Carrot crunching? Hahahaha

    We could do a meet quite easily Lion1 as we have the military precision organiser Claw, if he could face meeting more of us loons lol

    I do hear from Laz on occasion and we were meant to meet up at Port Vale but he went to Blackpool with the family .

    I expect I will meet him when he comes down to watch the town and when I go to Accrington and Crewe.

    I shall try and stay over at Burnley for the Accy one and pop into the Lounge ;-)

    Laz has fallen out with Alto and as far as I know they still haven't smoked the peace pipe. Here's hoping they can grow up soon

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    I guess the next meet's off then :-(
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