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    The Bees

    Read about their win yesterday. So they took us for 11 million last season for Hogan and promptly smashed us 3-0. Then they took 10 million off our poor neighbours for three players and raided their place for a 2-0 win.

    Think their money ball efforts from a year or so ago didn't work? I think it did. But, apparently they dropped it at the end of last season.

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    Good point mate. They money balled players for specific positions for the manager's style of play, think Warburton was manager then and part of the process.
    The thing is at Brentford, Hogan built his reputation on being played through between the CHs by a skillful, intelligent No.10 (Jota). Said player made his reputation feeding a run making, dwarf of a CF who plays off their shoulders, literally.
    Now, blose play with Jota stuck out on the wing, at the mercy of butcher full backs. We on the other hand don’t play with a skillful, intelligent No.10 (as of yet), and just hoof long balls up to giant CHs to play head tennis with. Safe in the knowledge that the dwarf, run making CF will never threaten their goal.
    Both good players, played out of position. Brentford’s moneyball staff knew their stuff, I’m not so sure about the managers who bought these players off them, or the moneyball gobsh1tes Randy hired for that matter.

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    Totally right EV. I really wanted Jota, but Brentford also had McCreatchen and Yennaris formerly of Chelsea and Arsenal supplying Hogan as well

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