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Thread: v Sheffield Wednesday

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    v Sheffield Wednesday

    According to the Villa website
    Kodjia, Onomah and Snodgrass are all injury doubts for todayís game. 🤕

    Letís hope for a miracle before kickoff. 😳
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    O'Hare n Jack on the bench.

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    I like that side. No weak links what so ever.
    We really need to win this to keep in touch with Wolves and close the gap on 4th.
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    Well that didn't take long, 0-1 down 18 seconds.

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    Terry off with an ankle injury. Samba on

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    2-0 😭

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    I like that side. No weak links what so ever.
    Well Bongo, seems it didn't take Sheffield Wednesday long to uncover your imperceptible weak links eh ?

    Still we've been further behind than this, & still lost !

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    Yes, you have to take the blame for this one Bongo. You did set us up to fail. I think our performance against Preston has given the team a bit of leeway and Wednesday's goals were taken when we were on the back foot. We just didn't have the nouse to to claw it back which is a bit of a concern. Hopefully the international break will give Snoddy and Terry a chance to get over their injuries.

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    I'm hearing Terry will miss almost the entire season.

    We were beyond terrible today after looking so good in midweek.

    I know Samba scored, but he was woeful on the goal. Suliman needs to be brought into the side.

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    JT has a suspected broken metatarsal so he's in for a lengthy layoff, it's unfortunate for Samba that the goal happened the minute he came on as he's had no first team minutes for weeks and played well the rest of the game. The greater worry is that Wednesday are not a great side but knew exactly how to contain us, their right back had Adomah in his pocket yet time after time the ball went out to him through Hutton (who had a decent game).

    Hogan - why play him if you're not going to play it to feet, he worked his socks off and made great runs (reminded me of Rooney for England in Sth Africa). Can't blame anyone for the first goal but SB got it wrong in midfield today, we gave the ball away all through the first half which emboldened the noisy fans (credit to them for how they back their team) and made us lot really quiet in the stands.

    Great to see JG back and O-Hare getting some game time, poor decision from SB to start Snoddy with cracked ribs - wasted one sub.

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    Things just did not go our way at all. Their goal reminded me of that goal Holland scored to level up vs Spain in last World Cup in that if the team tried to replay that goal in training with no opponents they could not repeat it if they had ten tries.

    Then we lose Terry and what little life drained out of the side. No Onomah and Snods shouldn't even have been out there just made things easier for them.

    Even the stream went against us! Every time we'd get the ball and start looking dangerous the stream I was watching would skip ahead a few seconds and Wednesday would have the ball again.

    I think our chances of promotion to a huge nosedive today and we just need to get players fit and while they are out just try to get enough points to stay in the top 8.

    In January Bruce needs to work magic. Get rid of Hogan if you can't find players that can play to his strength. Get rid of McCormack if you don't want him back and find some hidden gems to add some excitement to the club for the new year.

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    9 games till Christmas! ! 27 pts to be won so let's leave tge comings and goings till then.
    Yesterday was ' A bad day at the office' it happens so let's just get on with it. We have Kodija and grealish to come back so all were missing is Terry but the big man Samba will not let us down.
    Were still 5th but need a decent run and the international break has come to our rescue this time!
    Wolves will stutter Bristol city are over achieving Sheffield Utd and Cardiff will be up there come the end of the season and for me, lowering my sights and settling for the Lotto that's tge playoffs is probably where we deserve to this stage but as I said it's a long hard season.

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