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Thread: Attacking flair or solidity?

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    Attacking flair or solidity?

    Given the injury situation, and the relative failure of the fringe players, it now looks as if these are the realistic choices:
    RB: Nyambe/Caddis
    CB: Mulgrew/Downing/Ward/Wharton(?)
    LB: Williams
    RM/RW: Bennett
    LM/LW: Conway/Antonsson
    DM: Smallwood/Evans
    AM: Whittingham/Dack
    CF: Graham/Nuttall/Samuel

    I have left out other youngsters, simply because I simply don't think they are likely to feature yet - except as subs. As for Hart, Harper and Gladwin, they may be given one more chance at Rochdale, but TM seemed very unhappy with their effort against Barnet.

    Now, if I was an unrealistic Telegraph poster, this would be the team:
    Nyambe Mulgrew Downing Doyle
    Bennett Tomlinson Antonsson
    Graham Nuttall.

    I agree this probably represents our highest skill-level, but is it realistic? One thing Mowbray certainly has done is tighten up the defence. With the team above, we would surely have to net three goals a game to win. I don't think we can really afford to rely on Coyle's "Let's try and win 4-3" approach. All the same, we are looking better with two genuine strikers and Dack is surely No. 2 on the team-sheet after Mulgrew now.
    For me, the team below would represent the best compromise (although I am still tempted by putting Wharton alongside Downing, and pushing Mulgrew into the "holding" position, because of his passing-skills):
    Nyambe Mulgrew Downing Williams
    Bennett Smallwood Evans Conway
    Nuttall Graham.
    And there's the problem, you see, because that's 12 players!
    So do we sacrifice one of the defensive midfielders and play 4-3-1-2? If so, Mulgrew might be the right choice for the position in front of the defence, but it's quite a risk. At least Conway and Bennett are quite good at helping out the defence, but it's easy to foresee a supply-difficulty to the front players.
    I suspect this is one reason Mowbray doesn't automatically include Nuttall, and it may also be the reason he has toyed with wing-backs. The problem with that is, the players we have can't seem to adapt to it.
    Any solutions?

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    I think our initial first team was a good one
    Gk Raya
    Rb nyambe or caddis different players for different opponents
    CB mulgrew
    CB downing
    Lb Williams
    Rm Bennett
    Cm Smallwood
    Cm Evans or whittingham again depending on opponents
    Lm will have to be antonsson as I just do not rate gladwin
    This is an area we will have to look at come January.
    Am dack
    Fw nuttall or Graham
    We have options just a little disappointing the reserves couldn't grab enough of the opportunity presented to them.
    On another note are we looking to sign Chapman otherwise why continue with someone potentially we wont be seeing until February.

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