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Thread: SLO open meeting

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    SLO open meeting

    The SLO committee now have plans in place for their first open meeting.

    It will take place at Palmerston Lounge Bar on Monday 20th November at 7pm. All supporters groups and individual fans are invited to come along.

    For more information, to confirm your attendance or to have items added to the agenda please email or contact one of the committee (Iain Wright, Ross Corbett, Nathan Maxwell or Simon Clingan). If anyone wishes to have an item added to the agenda, please send the information by 8pm on Sunday the 19th November.

    There will be refreshments available on the night plus a chance to catch up with fellow Queens fans from various supporters groups.

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    When I read there will be refreshments available on the night, does that mean they are free? Is there a pay bar or is it soft drinks and crisps?

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    Christ, the SLO are already as quiet as the BOD, it must be catching!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truthhurts View Post
    When I read there will be refreshments available on the night, does that mean they are free? Is there a pay bar or is it soft drinks and crisps?

    Good morning Truthy .

    It’s been a rather busy weekend for the SLO committee who were all down at Oswestry supporting Queens.

    The girls are opening up the bar so anyone attending can buy whatever they want

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    Minutes from:
    Queens Supporters Liaison Meeting
    Monday 20/11/2017 7:00pm
    Palmerston Lounge Bar
    Present –
    SLO - Ross Corbett , Simon Clingan, Nathan Maxwell , Iain Wright
    Club - Mark Blount , Danny Armstrong , Andy Cowan
    Supporters -22 , most official clubs were represented

    A brief introduction was given by all four committee members and each one expressed their excitement at the opportunity given to them by the club to try and strengthen relationships between the club and supporters etc. Mark also said he had enjoyed working with the committee and things were moving forward nicely in his opinion.

    2.Apologies-Eric Slaven,Grant Hamilton,Craig Hutchison,Michael Burgess,John Johnstone,Drew Low,Sandra Brown,A E Miller,Ian McCartney and Craig Bryson
    3.A list of tasks which the supporters liaison committee have been involved in were discussed
    So far we have:

    *Secured a sponsor for the match day posters (Queens trust)

    *Updated and added to the list of premises displaying posters which are posted out prior to every home match, it was thought there were nearly 90 premises now.

    *Via social media gathered funding for various flags and banners to brighten up Terregles Street end

    *Oswestry memorial service-via various supporters groups gathered donations to purchase a wreath and all surplus money was donated to the British legion at the service

    *Set up a charity of the week leading up to every home match.This costs the charity nothing we promote the charity on our social media pages and the charity receive a family ticket for the game.

    *Arranged meetings with or had dialogue via email with various supporters groups

    *Had several meetings with Mark Blount where we have discussed various issues including a couple of complaints passed to the committee by supporters which the board have discussed and acted on
    4.A supporters match day experience survey was handed out to everyone in attendance these will be available online shortly and also handed out before a forthcoming home match.
    5.Issues/questions directed to the club and answered by Mark Blount
    A.Issues regarding the number of bins provided provided around the ground-This was agreed to be an issue which needed adressed in the best interests of the club and will be discussed at board room level.
    B.What is the connection between the club and Queens under 19’s Colts playing in the Paisley league-This club originally had a link with Peterhead but that stopped and they approached Queens through Jim Thomson .They have been down to play our under 20’s and Eddie Warwick is in close contact with them.The club obviously vetted their set up , they are well organised and hopefully the link will be beneficial to the youth set up. Eddie has invited some of their players down to training sessions .
    C.Would it be possible to open the gates linking the arena car park and the ground for under 20’s matches-Mark will approach E Warwick and the ground staff but could not see it being an issue
    D.Project brave-It was decided that Queens would go into the Advanced Youth and Community level at this moment meaning little change to our youth set up. There would be considerable expense to move to the next stage , having to employ several full time staff. The board will look at the financial implications over the next period and decide if it is worth taking that next step. There is currently finances in place for the next 3 years for the current under 14,16,18 and the 20’s will still be run at this moment in time.

    A.Pre match music play list-Mark to approach A Wilson regarding the possibility of running a competition for fans to pick a play list for each home match
    B.World of sport-Mark explained this was ongoing and various retailers had been approached
    C.Ice Hockey-Question raised regarding the possibility of a joint ticket offer for Queens and Solway sharks.Mark is going to approach the chairman to discuss
    D.What is planned to do with the Supporters survey results-any issues that stand out will be looked at and hopefully dealt with
    E.Question asked regarding discount for season ticket holders when booking hospitality-this will be discussed with the board and Danny
    F.Toilets-This issue has already been discussed between the committee and the board and hopefully the issues have been addressed
    G.Museum tours-Mark will talk to I McCartney regarding advertising museum tours
    H.Meet the manager/legends evening-Plans are in place with the club and the committee to arrange this event

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    Following Monday nights Queens supporters Liaison meeting we are delighted to announce that there will be a collection point for food donations towards our charity of the week First Base Agency in the Palmerston arena before the Livingston match on Saturday 25th November.

    If you can then please donate something and let's help out this Dumfries based charity which helps so many local families.

    Thanks in advance

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    The minutes make for interesting reading. Some good work being done already!

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    Quote Originally Posted by louisxiv View Post
    The minutes make for interesting reading. Some good work being done already!

    Still early doors but were very happy with what weve achieved so far thanks to help from the club and its supporters

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    Quote Originally Posted by louisxiv View Post
    The minutes make for interesting reading. Some good work being done already!
    I was at the meeting Louis. The boys are doing a fine job.

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