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Thread: Guess Who !!! 3

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    Guess Who !!! 3

    I believe 4 of these photos are post Ron Atkinson and 1 red herring.

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    Even my shot memory remembers these under achievers Rosie, although Didier did have a fine game v Man U.

    Big Feck
    J Lloyd Samuel
    Didier Six
    Guy Whittingham

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    Well done Exiled. ⭐️

    When Guy Whittingham went to Sheffield Wednesday Ian Taylor came the other way. Whether it was a swap or money was exchanged I donít know.

    I will be honest apart from his name the only thing I can remember about Didier Six was his hair.

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    I would agree with you Rosie. I donít know if it was the name and the mystique of a French player in our team rather than the player himself that got us all excited. He could be tricky, fast and exciting. Along with being weak, inconsistent and a horrendous diver.
    Whittingham, prolific at Pompey, was sh1te for us and I think we did pay a fee plus Whittingham for Taylor (Dave or Foxy will know), so probably one of the best bit of business that the Villa have ever done, behind only Sir Dennis, Withe and McGrath for me. So Whittingham did play a hugely positive role in AVFC history after all .

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    Exiled I think we got Taylor for around £1.5m & Whittingham went for between £700 - 900k I donít recall if it was initially a combined deal but it may have been
    Re Whittingham he scored shed loads of goals for Pompey but only managed about 4 or 5 for us,yet another striker who we have signed who is prolific for the selling club but canít hit a barn door when we sign them
    Does this remind you of any others that have followed him?
    Could be an interesting list


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    Bin a few mate, and I could be accused of being harsh but:

    Trash Fash
    Baros (although he did net against small heath)
    Philips (see Baros)
    Geddis (see Baros)

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    Thatís a good start mate,I can go back a little further to when we signed Alan Evans from Liverpool for about £80k,we were in the old third division then so that was a lot of dosh
    imo the common denominator with most of the signings youíve mentioned is that we either play them out of position or almost certainly do not supplied them when played in the role they were purchased for

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    I’m only a pup (1964) Foxy, and the 1st new signing that I can remember was Andy Lochead from Leicester, I remember me Dad telling me about him signing. Bruce Rioch was my favorite player back then but I don’t remember him signing. I was gutted when he left, so I latched onto Brian Little, who remains my favorite to this day.
    I quite liked Leighton Phillips, probably cos me Mom was Welsh but he wasn’t really that great, not to a pre-teenager anyway.
    I can’t remember who our (imo) 1st sh1te singing was, probably cos I thought they were all great players til I was in my teens. I never really took to Frank Carradus for some reason, never bloody scored and back then I didn’t really appreciate assists, Andy Gray must’ve done tho.
    Footy was so much fun when it wasn’t wall to wall tv. Dad used to hand over the sports pages every day for me to scour the Villa. The ‘Pink Argos’ at 6pm on a Saturday (at New St station) was the highlight of the week. Even the early editions with only HT scores in the ‘Stop Press’ at the bottom, and pictures for the bedroom wall.
    FCK, I feel old.

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    Despite not being prolific he helped us out the 3rd division and a third place finish in division 2 the next season.

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    I'm a 1970 younger pup and first started watching us in the days of Little,Gray,Deehan,Burridge et al (amazing how this all comes to mind in an instant). Morley was my favourite, always a sense of anticipation when he'd pick the ball up and run at defences.

    The sh1te players from back in the day post Rotterdam for me were:

    Ormondroyd (although something of a cult figure)

    More recently

    Grant Holt
    Chris Sutton
    Djemba Djemba
    Carlton Cole
    Joe Cole

    Some not bad players before they got to VP granted.

    What about the gems that we let go - Davis, Cahill,Baker,Robinson,

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    Quote Originally Posted by stateside View Post
    Despite not being prolific he helped us out the 3rd division and a third place finish in division 2 the next season.
    Only went to one match in the promotion season, Bournemouth. Was perilously perched half on, half off a crash barrier in the Witton End, all three goals went in at the Holte. Carradus didn’t play so wouldn’t have seen him. Apart from ‘Star Soccer’ I didn't see him play for ages. As I said, I was a nipper and all my heroes were goalscorers. Just didn’t take to FC, didn’t dislike him, he just wasn’t glamorous enough for a 7 yr old.

    Crikey WCV we have singed some crap .

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    12 February 1972 over 48k rammed into the old ground
    Macdougal for Bournemouth with a cracking diving header
    Vowden equilises with a looping header for Villa
    Lochead wins a header it goes up in the air but he reacts the quickest and catches it on the volley
    2-1 to Villa
    The noise was incredible the whole ground shook - magic
    For those of you who want to either reminisce or those to young not to have been there check out the footage on you tube
    Re; Bruce Ricoh he was a big favourite of mine
    Bought by the Doc in 1969 for 100k a record deal for a 2nd division player/club
    Played 154 games & scored 34 goals - just under 1 goal in 5 games not a bad return for a midfield player
    Oh Iím getting emotional 😭

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    Apologies for misspelling I did mean Rioch

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