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Thread: Villa interested in Diame

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    Villa interested in Diame

    ..according to the Chron (I know)

    Does anyone have ANYTHING positive to say about him at all? Does he bring anything positive to the team (or the squad, even, if the reason for his recent bust-up with Lascelles is anything to go by)

    I'd be very happy to see him bugger off. Just interested to see if there's any support for him on here.

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    I'll give him my utmost support, by offering him a lift to brummieland.....

    the engine is running

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    I'd be more than happy to see him offloaded.
    He offers very little.

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    Big disappointment. Thought we had acquired ourselves a Fizzy-goalscoring/assist-machine plus someone who do a decent job in the Prem as well. We got a lazy player with a half-bad first touch and hardly any goals in him.

    If Villa wants to take him, even for free, I'd happily hand him over.

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    The faster the better.

    The bigger the fee the better.

    Another squad place freed for a team player.

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    Much expected. Little delivered.

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    I thought he would be a real coup for Championship and i wasn't impressed at all.

    Even less impressed with him in the prem.

    Sell him as quick as possible.

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    He is dreadful and lazy as Lascelles told him. Get shot.

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