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Thread: O/T - Do you like the new 5 & 10 notes?

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    O/T - Do you like the new 5 & 10 notes?

    I think they are bloody horrible. They cannot be folded very well and it feels like toy money. A thumbs down from me.

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    Hate them. Useless loose in pockets, they tend to slide out on their own or when pulling other pocket items out. Buggers for sticking together when fresh out of the cash machine too.

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    Agree 100%

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    Assuming you’re referring to the plastic notes, we’ve had them in Canada for a few years. As previously mentioned, when they’re new, they do stick together, when they’ve been in circulation for a while they no longer stick together.

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    I like any tenner, the more the merrier!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by macstheman View Post
    I like any tenner, the more the merrier!!
    There you go OTR...mac and I will happily take any you and Andy don’t want off your hands.

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    I only carry 20's 🤣

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManxRam View Post
    I only carry 20's 🤣
    Show off!!


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    I like any banknote even the new plastic ones, but are they recyclable? if not send them my way and I'll get rid of them for you free of charge!

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