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Thread: Merry Christmas

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    Merry Christmas

    To the few remaining Villa Mad stalwarts. Merry Christmas!

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    Merry Christmas to all .

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    Merry Christmas Picasso and all the rest of you on VM!

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    Merry Xmas to all the lovely people on here and freer

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    Merry Christmas to all of you lot here's to a brilliant new year of excitement and success. I'm also joining the gym and stopping smoking

    Some of these thigs may not happen

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    And to you fellow long suffering wretches!! UTV, onwards n upwards, blah de blah.,.....

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    Season's greetings to y'all on here and to you 68, keep the faith mate, we've all felt your pain. Though I doubt you'll suffer our fate, not just yet anyway

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    Merry Christmas everybody

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    And a Happy New Year to all.

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