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Thread: I don't know why but I smell a win tonight!!

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    I don't know why but I smell a win tonight!!

    I think there is a big performance to come out of villa, maybe something will click maybe we will get the luck of the green but something tells me just when the chips seem down a big performance will reignite the team and off we will go on a run starting tonight. Yes, I may have had too much turkey and not thinking straight but I feel it in my bones, remember how we felt when we went to Barnsley, we could have had 6 that day with the same team minus Terry.

    3-1 to Villa...Adomah 2 and Snodgrass. There goal coming from a penalty.

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    Er Can I recall this post as I feel as stupid as the players should feel after that abysmal performance, At least I have an excuse. Too much turkey and protein overdose!!

    We are shlt.......Bruce out.

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    Dreadful again. Not sure who is out there, but I would not blame Dr X for pulling the plug on Bruce. He has to be on life support by now. Every team we've played in the last few weeks has looked sharper and more organised than us. It is really depressing watching this club right now.

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    Hogan...Dreadful player
    Whelan.... yet again gives the ball away for there opener
    Hutton...Skinned alive
    Jedi....Oh dear bad day at the office
    Bruce......has run out of ideas.

    I know we have injuries but come on, surely we can keep the same shape and formation??

    Either Xia finds some dodgy cash (FFP) or he gets rid of Bruce and gives someone else a ago??

    Gary Monk anyone?

    I actually get the title of the thread wrong as I meant to say "I smell a: Wiff tonight"
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    Well not too sure what you caught a whiff of mucka but it wasn't a win

    Utterly outclassed, out thought & out fought by Brentford outfit who in Dean Smith have a coach with real ideas

    Great to see Mr Bruce HAS recruited another “coach”

    I wonder if Steve Bruce’s ancestors were involved in the strategy employed by George Armstrong Custer @ Little Bighorn River

    I seriously doubt if Steve + all his back room staff could organise

    A Woodpeckers Breakfast in Sherwood Forest

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    To be fair to Hogan he made the run that was finally picked up and allowed him to set up our goal.

    If I'm Dr Xia and if I had the patience of Job I would have a list of demands for Bruce if he wants to carry on as boss.

    First and foremost we would become a passing team. Practices would be centered around shape, discipline and passingfor a majority of the time. Players should be comfortable on the ball.

    Second. The players will out work all other clubs in the division. This would show up on the field like it did tonight where you could see which team works hard and which team thinks it just has to show up.

    I'm sure there is more but this is a start.

    Third. Youth. Xia is a proponent of youth and has made great strides in two seasons. Bruce is refusing to drop players that are playing crap and adding in youngsters until he is forced to as in Davis' case. West Ham bounced right back up on youth system players back in our O Neill days.

    Fifth: Veterans. No more veteran premier league players dropping down a division. These players cannot compete in this league.

    Sixth: Speed kills. Focus on high energy fast players in this league to go with the players we already have. Even if we have to loan them at first.

    Seventh: Set pieces. One session per week needs to be on set pieces. I can't recall the last time we actually worked a clever corner. Tonight they were over hit predictable and nobody thought it might be a good idea to go round to the far post???

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    Well at least we can't blame Gabby

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    Have to feel for the travelling fans after watching that pathetic display.

    TD what exactly did Hogan do wrong, he got no service, played a perfect ball for the goal and got ruled offside by the narrowest of margins. It's Bruce's coaching and tactics that are the problem.

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    We’re a poor side with poor manager.

    Johnstone- Good shop stopper, liability at corners
    Hutton- No defensive acumen, couldn’t cross his legs
    Chester- Needs a proper CH partner, some lazy passing
    Elphick- Did ok, but lack match fitness showed
    Taylor- Did ok
    Onomah- Good goal but his cowardly effort on their winner wiped that out. Poor player
    Whelan- No comment
    Jedinak- Lumbersome, first touch like a baby elephant, and 2nd & 3rd & 4th etc
    Snodgrass- Set play expert my hole
    Jack- Get up ffs, our only attacking threat when he’s upright
    Hogan- Played through ONLY twice, judgement call offside and an assist. Chased too much hoofball.
    Davis-Think we’ll have to get a bigger barn door, to try and build some confidence. A ‘poor man’s’ Heskey.

    Can’t believe that I sat and watched it all, I should’ve done some washing up instead.
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