Carlos the Clown appointed as manager. Take it your chairman dismissed his CV. After our playoff final v Hull, in which he had one of the biggest budgets in the division, he took us backwards in a big way. Didn't address ANY of our glaringly obvious weaknesses. Turned ultra defensive, with a team full of attackers. Always picked his favourites. Rushed key players back whilst still injured, which then kept them out for much longer. ( This, after he sacked the entire medical department.) Didn't work on fitness during pre season, which left us with an unfit squad. Constantly gave waffling contradictory post match interviews, in which he blamed everything from officials to fans, for our woeful performances. Never his fault. Don't get me wrong, every one of us bought into him, including the players, during that first exciting season. At the same time, it was the first time in years, that we could buy real talent. He has since wasted good money, and left us in a mess. His departure couldn't come soon enough.