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Thread: John McRuvie Retires

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    John McRuvie Retires

    The man retires from the radio after 28 years

    He brought me one of my favourite Pittodrie moments ever in about 95ish against Partick Thistle

    Angus was kicking about in the centre circle during the warm up. Chic Charnley was in the vicinity and decided he was going to wallop Angus with a ball. But he missed, missed again, missed again but he was clearly trying to hit him. Then the music came to a halt mid song (probably Go West by the Pet Shop Boys as it was a staple back then). Then JM shouts over the tannoy "oi Chic, Chic, aye you Chic Charnley," and Charnleys looking about "you couldn't hit that bulls arse with a banjo" It was a classic

    If memory serves me right the c@nt went on to score that day to in a sh@tey 1-1

    To be fair there have been more McRuvie moments but that was my favourite

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    John is a lovely lad but his parents have been struggling with that John has become their carer .

    I wish him well for the future with his touring and of course his new DVD which I was offered to play a role in by Patrice but on the day I couldn't make it. Dash .would have loved to have been part of that .

    Anybody remember one day removals that was very funny .in fact one of the funniest videos I have seen.

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