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Thread: What a difference!!

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    What a difference!!

    Lucky team selection or not that was a scintillating performance! First 5 minutes we were luck not to be behind. We looked asleep. After a few minutes about the time their player was hit in the face by the ball I asked if we were starting to get into it or was I just hoping? We soon scored and it was Hogan. After that Hogans confidence went through the roof and by half time although we were only 2-0 up if this were boxing the fight would have been stopped.

    Second half Bristol came back at us and we had worrying moments but Grealish hit them on the break over and over eventually making it 3 when he laid on a goal for Snodgrass but it was Grealish's goal.

    Bjarnssen hit his first league goal for Villa and O Hare came on and looked very good. Hepburn-Murphy struggled up front when he came on.

    Wonder if Steve Agnew has had a positive effect on this side. 6 goals and 0 against in two games. I'm bloody chuffed.

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    We have come through two very hard games with merit cannot ask for more. I am also chuffed.

    Apart from Wolves we should fear no one now. We have a good large squad, something other teams cannot say so when they get tge injuries, they may well suffer and we gain?
    Nice little game sat in the cup and almost 2 weeks to give many players a rest before we go again.

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    Great result and I hope it goes some way to people giving Bruce and this set up time to get it right. We are a good team and we have the best manager for getting promotion.

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    In Steve we trust

    Quote Originally Posted by samhubball View Post
    Great result and I hope it goes some way to people giving Bruce and this set up time to get it right. We are a good team and we have the best manager for getting promotion.
    Totally agree Sam and I for one am going to lay off Brucey for a bit. He is never goiing to be a flair guy but he is a straightup experienced manager who has got out of this division before. Whether it was a fluke with the depleted first team or not it was bloody magic sitting in the Trinity opposite their fans watching the goals go in. Let's hope we don't revert to the 6 man defence and deffo no Whelan!

    PS. Need to protect our prize asset Jack, both from caveman defenders like Bristol's number 5 but also from predatory b astards in the January window.

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    I'm afraid that if anyone comes in for any of our players with serious money they will be gone!!

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    I don't think Jack will be going anywhere, he's only just come back to full fitness and his consistency has been questionable but when he's on his game boy is he a joy to watch. I suspect that by now if any of our players are being considered by other clubs then the agents will already have the irons in the fire and vice versa.

    Well done the lads on the last 2 results, hopefully Bruce has now found a way to win enough games.

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    Jack is too inconsistent. If a decent offer comes in, take it.

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    Yubs, I guess you weren't at VP on Monday. This kid might be the best player in the Championship so we will NOT be selling him thank you.

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    Just imagine if we had Jack feeding balls into Kodija at the minute.....what if!!

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    Yeah sorry bb, I couldn't get there

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    Yeah shame on you Yubbs, if ya left now you might make Forest next weekend. C'mon, hop to it.

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    Forest 0. Villans 1. Very impressive display from the lads again. Kudos to Bruce and staff on that display. Wonder if Agnew is masterminding this stuff though? Thor in defensive midfield? Master stroke if you ask me. He was brilliant today.

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    Whelan was woeful apparently. Where was the Jedi?
    Good must win with Derby and Cardiff also getting results this weekend. Still 5 point off 2nd

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    Whelan was not woeful. I will admit I did not get to see as much in the first half as the second and he was subbed out by then, I saw him make a critical clearance and a nice pass. Forest had loads of possession after Terry hit their bar but never looked like troubling us and that was in part to Whelan work rate.

    On another related note Bjarnesson was outstanding in defensive midfield duty. Full of energy, good passing. He looked good against Bristol a couple of weeks ago, but he was even better in this match in an odd position for him.

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    Thought Whelan gave the ball away cheaply early on, and twisted his knee in that block and was subbed cos of it. He’s ok at the simple stuff, just wish that he would stick to it i.e no passes over 10 ft.
    We seemed to be playing slightly further up the pitch. This pressured their mid a bit more and we looked more comfortable and composed. We made them look sh1te without breaking sweat.
    I read a while back that Thor’s prefered position is CMF/DMF and that his versatility (being sh1te in every other position, ) is his worst enemy. Without going overboard, I think that was the most complete 45 mins by a Villa CMF/DMF in years. He mopped up, broke up play and his distribution was simple, accurate and calm, he was everywhere.

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    Yes, he is was very good and calm

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