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    The bar has been set now for our underperforming players and manager. Not 5 goals a game but the aggression, commitment and performance levels.

    Elmo- Better again, still not sure tho. Bree/RDL in reserve.
    Chester- Back on his game.
    Elphick- Really, really pleased for the fella, JT back soon, unlucky Tommy.
    Hutton- If he plays, it has to be at left back, or left back in the changing rooms.
    Hourihane- He really does a good job when Jedi is playing.
    Jedi- Has to start in DMF role ahead of Whelen.
    Snoddy- Why has he been so sh1t pre-Boro? Proper team player since.
    Jack- Since his return he’s been fabulous.
    Albert- Finally crossing to teammates, when he’s good he’s very good. When he’s bad…
    Hogan- We’ve all been saying the same thing, play to his strengths. Pace and movement, Voila, result.

    Really pleased for Thor as well, O’Hara and RHM finally getting minutes. Pressure off Davis.

    JT, Green and Lansbury back now, although JT is the only one to walk straight back in, IMO

    Manager- He’s played this attacking approach TWICE since he joined us- Norwich (H) and now Brizzle. WHY!!!!!!!!! It seems he reluctantly does it when his hand is forced through injuries, which gives the impression he doesn’t like ‘going for it’. This has been evident all last & this season, he sits back and waits to react.
    Grow a pair Steve, Proactivity over reactivity.
    Looks like this Agnew fella has brought a bit of ‘gung ho’ with him. I likey.

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    Yow aint gonna get promoted by drawing, that's for sure!! don't think even more of the treatment we gave Bristol will help us catch Wolves but it would be nice to see them slip up tonight.

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    Great post Exiled!

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    Can't argue with any of that Exiled. I wonder if Bruce would consider 3 at the back when Terry returns?
    I can't see us catching wolves but 2nd is a realistic target.

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    when was the last time we scored 5?

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    3 at the back has spectacularly failed whenever he tried it last season, who makes way in the middle of the park for that system?

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