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Thread: The Transfer Window

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    Tapping was a bad investment. Two years of injury and when he finally gets playing rewards us with nothingness.
    Danny is another. Signed a injured player who's hardly featured. It just takes up places and is a drain on resources on what is already a incredibly slender squad.

    Small club mentality because we are a small club. What's the point in investing in players when the Dumfries public would rather parade around the town wearing old firm shirts on a Saturday than come and support their home team?!?!
    Aside from the football, I don't think our stadium exactly encourages people to come and watch.

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    I have to agree that with a core support of barely 1200 we will remain a small club unable to compete with those who consistently get 2 to 3+ times the numbers currently attending Queens matches. It is simple financial reality that some cannot grasp but credit must be given to the BOD for the fact that we are where we are currently with so little revenue coming through the turnstiles.
    We could splash the non existent cash by borrowing reams of money then end up like Gretna, no thanks.

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    Really don't know what the answer is regarding attendances. As I have mentioned before, we also struggle because we haven't got teams nearby that can encourage a bit of rivalry. Morton and St Mirren have each other. Dunfermline, Falkirk and Dundee United feed off each other. People laughed when Gretna folded ( myself included) but we had local interest then and now we don't.

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    Annan, realistically, will not fill that void. They might ( and I wouldnt hold your breath waiting ) get themselves into the first division at some point but would soon get dragged back into the second , that being their true level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis_begbie_HFC View Post
    queens need to ditch the small club mentality if thay want to progress thru the leagues ,and we are in desperate need of quality in this team ,so i hope the manager can get the right sort of players in during this window .
    I'm afraid Queens have very few options due to lack of finance in keeping with many other clubs in this division - we are right in the mix at the moment with clubs who have much higher budgets - the main thing is for the support to hang in there and hope Naysmith
    can bring in some shrewd signings on loan or by any other means.

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