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Thread: Score, scorers and away attendance vs Brentford FAC3 06/01/18

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidders View Post
    Wedgie, having passed the 3-3 mantle on to me, now reclaims it, leaving me with no alternative: Brentford Nylon 3 Notts 1
    Whoops sorry Sidn me duck, completely forgot, it's all the very strong Lemoncello cake mother-in law feeds me, makes me doolally

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    Difficult one, I think the key to this game is the way Brentford approach it, and that's hard to predict. They still have a sniff of the play-offs, which would be their main priority, but they are a small enough club to be attracted to the finances of the 'big club' draw in Round 4 that we are chasing. On the optimistic assumption that their main focus will be on a chance to chase the Greed League pot of gold and play a weakened team, I think we can grab a replay.

    935 Notts fans.

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    3-1 to Brentford.

    Yates to score from a corner.

    987 pies.

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    Not fussed, concentrate on the league and play the second string. We don't want any more injuries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarquinbeech View Post
    My MOM at Morecambe, plus I think either Navy, Glasgow Dave or MAC had him down for their best player as well....all attended the game.....thought he did ok v Port Vale as well.
    He is in good form atm

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    Brentford 4 - 1 Notts


    Noble sent off after 14 seconds for headbutting the ref.

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    Brentford 2-1 Notts

    Judge with all 3 goals

    1234 Notts fans

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    Leaving shortly.
    Replay back at Notts.
    1089 Notts loyals.
    Chance to catch up with some old friends down south
    Have a good day everyone

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    Sorry but 3-0 hopefully no injuries picked up

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