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Thread: This atrticle made me so angry!!!

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    This atrticle made me so angry!!!

    Hope you can get the link and yes nothing to do with Villa but just imagine this was Jack Grealish or fellow pundit Lee Hendrie??

    Drink driving
    Assaulting a Police officer
    Urinating in the police car
    Call the Police officer a 'White ***t

    *All this and he states he is an ambassador for 'Kick racism out of sport'

    The press have done so much to bury this article, this behavior is atrocious and he must now be given the Big Ron treatment and never be employed by TV again.

    another example of 'one way traffic'

    Racism is Racism and it what ever disguise is despicable. Hold your stupid head in shame Sinclare

    The court said it was 'Sad'

    The FA said "No Comment'

    Sinclare said " Typical racist police"

    The mind Boggles
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    This really is a sign of things to come mate. Even discussing these topics leads to accusations of racism. Modern society is paying the price for hundreds of years of institutional and systemic human rights abuses, 2 wrongs Do make a right, don’t you know.
    History is littered with race persecution as far back as pre ancient Egyption times. Discrimination of any kind is abhorrent, the level of abuse fired at the Jewish race from predominantly hard left and Islamic quarters in the UK is mind boggling.
    This individual should be jailed for a race crime, and if ‘Kick it out’ doesn’t sack him, it should be shut down for malpractice and racial discrimination.
    As for the press? Take a look at any third level educational institution and the influence of ultra hard left extremism and you will see why Journalists with their degrees are burying it all.

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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    The problem I always had with this topic is race and religion puts us into groups when we're all human. If it's true what he said he should be sacked from whatever post he holds. Racism is just a white thing. West Indians often ridicule Africans, Indians ridicule Pakistanies and vice versa. The English don't like the Welsh and the Welsh don't even like the people who live in the next village.
    I saw a quote recently from someone I can't remember who but said "the more I understand humans the more I like my dog". So true!

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    Sorry I meant to say racism isn't just a white thing. It's a human thing! Utter stupidity based on idiotic opinions. Jews do get a hard time but then again they persecute the Palestinians.
    Even ginger people get more abuse than most ethnic cultures. What wrong with this stupid world! It's not rocket science is it! love is the most important word in the dictionary.
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    Sinclare pleaded guilty and still came out accusing the police of being Racist! after what he said....

    No place for any of it especially for someone who claims to be an ambassador and is nothing more than a bigot.

    AS I said thou, imagine if this had been Grealish??? oh, string up by his balls.

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