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Thread: Home to wolves or swansea

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    Home to wolves or swansea

    Fword are away, so it should be on a Saturday.
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    Not the worst draw. Prefer Wolves tbh

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    Think we have more chance of beating Swansea TBH, and I think it may attract TV as well

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    The replay for Stags against Cardiff is now huge. Man City at home. Lucky them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by upthemaggies View Post
    Fword are away, so it should be on a Saturday.
    Wolves are local, (are you local?) but Swans are prem?

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    If it's Wolves they will fill the JS stand.

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    I expect live coverage

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    Would fancy us beating Swansea, would deffo be on telly that one.

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    I think looking at the whole draw, 4-5 games shown on TV, 3 League 2 sides at home will IMHO make TV, if Mansfield win there replay that will definitely make TV. We are probably the 4th or 5th most attractive tie in terms of David v Goliath

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    Alright. I also think we've got a bit more chance of beating Swans than Wolves. Wolves would bring a few thousand though and it'd be much more of an occasion. Six of one and half a dozen of the other.

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    Last met Wolves in the FA Cup in 1980. Lost 3-1 at home.
    Sat 05/Jan/1980 WOLVERHAMPTON W. (R3) L 1-3 15 668 Berry, Carr 23, Hunt 63, Richards

    Swansea meetings.....
    Sat 13/Jan/1934 swansea town (r3) L 0-1 13 000 Martin
    Sat 10/Jan/1931 SWANSEA TOWN (R3) W 3-1 23 802 Andrews 7, Andrews 27, Easton 45, Keetley

    Would think we'd get 10K for Swansea, probably 12k for Wolves. Depends on the kick-off time though.

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    What is Swansea away following like? Tend to agree that Wolves would certainly bring a big following.

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    Wolves reserves will probably batter us but will bring a big crowd. Swansea might give us more chance of progressing especially if they're even deeper in relegation trouble. Both give us a decent chance of being on TV.

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    Good chance of being on telly with either side.Wolves will have massive following,but Swansea probably more beatable at present

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    More chance of it being on TV if it's Swansea, but I think Wolves would be a bigger occasion.

    It's not too bad a draw really, could have been a lot worse.

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    Both Wolves and Swansea made 6 changes for the first match. Might field weakened sides against us too. A chance of winning?

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    Decent enough draw for me, should be a proper football match and occasion that we can go into at least believing progress is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldstripy View Post
    If it's Wolves they will fill the JS stand.
    That would be one hell of an atmosphere. Mind you, remember a coach getting bricked at Wolves?

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    Could have been worse, poor Coventry having to play at MK Dons..... definitely Wolves for me......

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    Whilst it wasnít the dream tie we perhaps wanted itís a decent draw. There were teams from our own league, league one and mid to lower champisonship we could have got.

    Either a premier league team low on confidence and struggling or a top Championship team and at home as well. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

    In terms of maximum cash revenue and sense of occasion Wolves would edge it. On paper Swansea maybe the side we could stand a chance of beating. It would be the first time our paths have crossed with Swansea since their rise from the lower leagues to the top level. Wolves was more recent in the League Cup.

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