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    Confirmed as Forest manager. Phew
    Get behind Hecky and the Reds

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    Ponte Steve will be gutted

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    A see bookies were close then wi heckys odds

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    I actually thought Hecky might go , whether he's spoken to them is probably something we won't get to know .

    Time to crack on with the job and keep us up now , all this speculation doesn't help one jot .

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    Glad he's staying. Kieffer Moore on the books is better than two Mcburnies in a bush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponte_Steve24 View Post
    Glad he's staying. Kieffer Moore on the books is better than two Mcburnies in a bush.
    Need to feed the lad with crosses , quality in to the box as per Isgrove to Pinnock against Reading .

    Play at a higher tempo and get the ball in to the box early .

    What I don't want to see is the back four just launching it up to him just because we've got a big target .

    Not going to work at this level that tactic , the lad's decent on the floor for a big lad , find him on the edge or just inside the box to hold it up and play the runners in .

    If we just start lumping it and have him feeding on scraps then the lad will struggle .

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    Ala Paul O Grady

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    I get fed up with the "Hecky favourite etc for .... job" & then all us lot wanting him to stay or go!
    It feels like we are at the start of a new dawn where we might just be able to compete at this level - support the club & Hecky!
    I know everyone's entitled to their opinion but, at every managerial vacancy, it goes into overdrive! It's started to drive me mad

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    You aint seen nothing yet

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    It just shows how we as fans and the latest odds can be wrong doesnt it, who had this bloke Karanka as a possible name for the Florist job ?.
    Anyway its clear for now Hecky is staying, and hopefully these constant rumours will end now because they dont do us and the manager/coach himself any favours.

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