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Thread: Interview with manager

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    Interview with manager

    Here is an interview with Gary Naysmith from Thursday morning. Hopefully back with interviews most weeks from now.

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    Good to hear..

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    Nice to see the interviews back Stig.

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    stig can you ask him next time you interview him why and for what reasons he has been picking dykes from the start ,or why he always leaves him on the pitch taking good players off when the rounds of subs are made ,cause for the life of me it just baffles me how he manages never to be subbed after these horrendous performances ,these are the types of question im wanting to hear the manager answering .and yes i know we have injuries but theres a good few who sit on the bench that should be in before mr dykes .

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    Didn't see your comment until now. I tend not to ask such direct questions criticizing the managers decisions. In my opinion Dykes is playing better than last season. Yes maybe Stirling should get more game time but apart from him we don't have many who can play left wing. However that is just my opinion.

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