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    Jeezus Christ, the delusion never stops.

    We are not on form at the moment, we have been struggling to maintain any sort of fluidity for over two months.

    If they really think that they are going to get away with that against teams that are on better form than us they're gonna have one hell of a shock coming

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    I said in the chat room that they would celebrate this draw as if they had just won the league. Seems I was right.

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    they got what they came for big ugly horrible team but we didnt deserve to win either final third again nothing there were crying out for some individuality played in front of em too many square passes and too slow allowing them to get back in numbers and not enough crosses fired in hoping the new lads will make some difference but worst pig team ive seen for a long while there going nowhere utb ftp

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    So let me get this right. HMS piss the league, the ball playig aristocrats are celebrating a point against the Dog and Duck like they’ve just won the Champions League.
    Is that right.
    Four points you mugs, mind the gap.

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    Lmao we couldn't score against their reserves which still cost more than our 1st team they seem 2-4get we had no problem scoring against their 1st team 4 points from 2 games is promotion form,I'd have taken that if someone offered it me at stert of the season

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    You just know, as time goes on that we will have ended up playing a team made up of their U13's and U9 squads, plus a guy in wheelchair, a blind man, the tea lady, and Loovens. What a fantastic point! Its the stuff legends are made of like when we did them 3-2 and BisonsHead said they 'won the second half'..!!

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    Reserves ? they had the bottler up front he cost more than our entire squad.

    Half of the team last nite played in both playoff semi finals against Huddersfield,ooops sorry did i mention Huddersfield

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    I'm tipping them to go down

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    I think it's all been said above

    They're fkin deluded

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    clutching at straws is the phrase i would use

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