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Thread: Bye bye West Ham

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    Bye bye West Ham

    Report suggesting Moyes wanted Snodgrass back and was told by Villa okay but we need our 2 million loan fee paid back in full and they can't Anna Ford it. I hope Dr X put a deadline in so he has time to get a player in if they come up with the money.

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    Before Xmas I would have offered 2m to take him back but since he's been outstanding. I like the fact that he's a real 'team player' and we 're finally seeing that wand of a left foot.
    Goes over a bit easy tho, think the Refs will soon cop on.

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    He seems happy hear. I can't see him wanting to return and I hope that's taken into consideration. Loosing him would put a big dent in our promotion chances. Like exile said he's been outstanding.

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