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Thread: Nicely placed.

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    And why is that not a rational post. You are saying things could change and Rovers could be back in the Prem, I am saying they could also change the other way as it went for Tranmere and you could end up where they are. I haven't come on here taking the p..s and laughing at where you are with the Venkys running the show and millions in debt with no assets or decent players to sell and with a dire support base now all the hangers on and plastics have disappeared, or going on about your local rivals are now the best run club in the country and way ahead of you, and that you haven't beaten them in years. No, I have made a couple of observations and you have spat the dummy. I expect stuff like that from Sexo, but thought better of you.

    Auks. This guy has never been rational. He's pathetic and bitter. Next time he pops up, ask him why he never showed up once when they used to get 34 years worth of beatings. Never heard of him, never saw him when they spent the best part of 25 years in this division and below. Where was he all those years? Hiding in NZ.

    Nah .......I see prick has turned up now. When they are doing ok. Once Dyche goes, and they drop back down the leagues, he will disappear. He's not worth communicating with. He clearly knows nothing and is one of those joke glory hunters. Unsure why? As his team is going nowhere. This is temporary. Everyone knows that. I'd be enjoying the ride, but a quick glance on the dingle site, and nobody cares what he has to say on there either. A 'new poster'. Funny ...... Did he come on he acting all brave after they lost 5-0? If you lived in England and had to sit in Ewood that day, you'd have seen 25k Rovers fans pissing themselves. Now that was funny. That was a real hiding. Embarrassing. That's why he's so bitter now. Hanging onto to anything. But never mention the past. You can't do that.

    You do realise he has only appeared now once we are doing well. Feeling a bit threatened. Trust me over the many years I've seen so many NZclaret types. Once we play them again (in a few seasons) and get back to what we've been doing for years, beating Burnley, believe me you won't be hearing from NZclaret. The next one will have appeared by then. But just enjoy the fact he's actually going to be watching out for our result today. But he isn't bothered about Rovers.
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