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Thread: Rovers on the up, Burnley on the ascent..

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    Quote Originally Posted by whittyclaretandblue View Post
    We do but when they come spouting sh1te and calling us cnuts like this numpty they deserve everything they get.
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    I don't have a problem with fans of bankrupt, little lower division clubs giving it large on here, they can rant all they want, you can only laugh at them, you can't take them seriously. The more the merrier imo, we should open a sticky for them, B@stards, Nobbers, Lashers and Leeds scum all together, telling us how sh1te we are, and how soon they'll be back where they belong. It'll be be like going to the zoo, where you can have a laugh pointing at the monkeys scratching their bums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    Blackeye Rovers fan have a special exempt IDWT!
    cant gave double stabdards TBT- i hate all leeds and cardiffs fans and dont want them or any other teams fans on here-

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    Blackeye Rovers fans have a special needs IDWT!
    Fixed it for you Bedlum terror..

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