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Thread: Leeann Dempster

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    Leeann Dempster

    To replace Stewart Regan now that is worrying as I am sure she would like Lennon in as manager as she has a good working relationship with him.

    Dempster Off

    That would mean Lennon could be Off

    McGeouch possibly Off

    Mcginn possibly Off

    Allan on loan

    We emptied three forwars although Murray could come back

    Two loan forwards who could be off at the end of the season.

    A tad worrying

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    Dempster might be interested in that, but i reckon she loves it here, also i think it would take a lot of cash.

    Petrie is also one of the top dogs....

    Dont think Lennon will go.

    McGinn will be away. defo.

    Hope McGeouch stays.

    Stokes had to go, dave struggled and murrays still has a contract.

    If the two loan forwards do well, we will struggle to keep them.

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    Leeann seems to be the topic of discussion this morning and it is looking like she is their No1 candidate, worrying times as I don't want Petrie taking us down that road of destitution and misery and can't do the job Leeann does. I would dearly love her to turn it down but get the feeling she will take it. The next worrying factor is will she request Lennon gets the managers job definately don't want us going backwards.

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    Hold that page new candidate for the Scotland job link below.

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    Walter Smith now the front runner didn't see that one coming WHAT don't go Leeann this is what your up against ???? Steve Clarke for me surely no Walter

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