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Thread: Waggot speaks

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    Waggot speaks

    New CEO Steve waggot has spoken out about his job and more importantly communication with the venkys
    He sounds refreshing compared to the crap we have been used to the past 7 years
    Good interview it's on the Blackburn rovers home page.

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    Actions talk or bull**** walks.

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    One thing really evident is the increase in community-based activities. Loads of things are going on at Ewood, and the players are out and about all the time.
    To those of us who are primarily concerned with the football, this doesn't seem important, but in terms of building affection and respect for the Club, it obviously is - especially as it means establishing a future fan-base.
    We also seem to be signing Academy players up more quickly. I know we lost Wright, but it wasn't for want of trying. Sometimes, the lure of the PL is bound to win out.
    One thing that reassures me is Waggott mentioning Venky's strategic plans. This DOESN'T suggest they are about to bail, as many supporters seem to think.
    We have to wait and see, of course, but he does sound like a dramatic improvement.

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