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    hello there

    I am part of a group of derby county fans who need to rehouse themselves following disruptive influences taking over our forum and ruining it.

    Maybe 12 to 15 in total, seeking a bolt hole for a short while in the hope that the disruption will get bored and go away if given no attention.

    Does anyone object if we convene here and chat awhile - DCFC, football and a variety of topics. If the disruption follows us we will desist and not cause strife for the locals.

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    Stensons in the house

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    I disagree. Why should you guys be the ones running away when you did nothing wrong?

    I can safely say I believe it's the work of Rattea who lifted the ban. Only a Mod can lift a ban, unless there's a 3 month expiry on globals that I didn't know off.
    Little Babyboy probably been emailing Uncle Ratflea begging to come back and in an act of malice, it was granted.
    You guys going away only serves Rattea's agenda.

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    You know more on how the boards run, you've had the buttons and i agree that rats has had something to do with it, theres probably been a ton of email exchanges between him and bulletin boy DDD and it appears his global ban has been rescinded, whether that can be done at mod level or at admin i don't know but if from higher up then i suspect its been championed by rats

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    This is only a port of refuge allowing us to chat with one another without the unwanted noise. Once the issue has been dealt with, we can return home. I agree that its not the best solution but its a pragmatic one that hopefully will allow us to continue uninterrupted until he gets bored.

    And yes I agree, I think Rat lifting the ban to enable his protege to return to disrupt the peace is probably correct

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    Don't feed the troll Roger, I'm beginning to realise ddd likes controversy, he plays on being pulled up on things to give him more reason to reply and cause more controversy, it's just what the rat would do, notice when he's in full flow like a week ago he is always the last one to post, if anyone replies then he's straight back on with another post, he must watch the board like an eagle - strangely just like a mod would do

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    As usual, I’m behind the times again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob_the_Ram View Post
    As usual, I’m behind the times again.
    You're not last this time Rob!

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