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Thread: Pitch was a disgrace....

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    Pitch was a disgrace....

    it was more akin to a kick about on the beach. Dale have had games called off before this one and not surpising. Don't know why this was not called off. Not only that but Ben Thompson came limping off so in a way I don't mind being out of the cup.

    But I would worry if Spurs go up there as we need to keep the England players fit for World cup.

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    Evening Claw....I saw a few pics of the “pitch”on another forum.I had the feeling that a tractor had drove over it.
    I am no way looking for excuses as it is “ the same for both sides” but you can’t seriously ask pro footballers to play on a surface like that. Even when I was playing Saturday morning football with my works team we had better playing surfaces than dale’s cabbage patch.
    Anyway it’s our fault, we should have seen them off with the first match.

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    'we should have seen them off with the first match'
    nailed on!
    be lucky now

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    I know it's the mirror wrag but all the same . . . If I was in charge of the FL I'd kick them cowboys out of the league. No way in this day and age is there any excuse for this down right disgrace

    see link

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