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    So what about Saturday???

    Are we due for a win? (err.. yeah!!!)

    Yeovil are slowly picking up points much as we need to do so what will happen.
    Hopefully Saturday, on top of the three previous defeats haven't completely demoralised the team. This is a must win (which we all know!) and we need to redress the balance of those successive defeats.

    I'm going for 2-1 to us.

    But what will the team be?

    How about:


    Sterry, Nolan, Ray, Pickering.

    NG , Walker, Barsalan


    Bowery, Miller (or McKirdy)

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    Forgot about Green!!

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    Perry NG must partner George Ray in the centre of defence from Saturday. No room for Raynes and Nolan. Their experience has counted for little this season. Very disappointed.

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    Not sure we can risk a ch pairing where neither of them, for different reasons, have played at centre half for almost a season.

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    Think that we have to start somewhere with this change, especially now that we have one who is supposed to be quite decent at RB. Perry can play at CH and Ray was fine before his injury. I understand your point, but Raynes has made so many errors of late, that changes in defence are needed. No doubt they will have been trying things out in training and in the game at Nantwich last night. Unfortunately, that one did not go as planned. Nothing much does it would seem, nowadays.
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    If Ray is earmarked for a start on Sat, I'm not sure 120 minutes on Tuesday night was the best preparation. Ng was subbed at 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whosbrianwilson View Post
    If Ray is earmarked for a start on Sat, I'm not sure 120 minutes on Tuesday night was the best preparation. Ng was subbed at 90.
    I don't know then. We can only guess. Need a win on Saturday for definite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazan View Post
    This is a must win

    Not sure it has come to that just yet - but it is a HUGE game for us!
    I'd prefer to say a "must not lose"!

    History isn't on our side - unfortunately - and their recent results since Man U have been impressive.
    But all of them have been at home!
    We must make sure their away record stays as it is!

    I'm tired of losing bragging rights in my family!

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    The game against Notts, for me, summed up our sinking state.
    First half was vigorous and allowed the lads to work together; 2nd half, I don't know what was said to them at half time, but they came out listless and with zero tactics.
    The defence is always going to be a problem and I don't believe the inclusion of players who aren't match-fit is going to change that.

    Yeovil, I believe, is down to tactical management. Videos of Yeovil will have been shown (I sincerely hope); their weak spots defined; and our potentially incisive link play given direction. If the above have not been achieved in the last few days then we will lose.

    It won't be the end of the season, but it will make life very difficult.

    Boardroom concerns should not affect the squad. Other clubs even go through admin, and the team still performs. Loans have been chosen (and I have seen skills from all), so the management has been backed. Let's see the effect on the pitch.

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    We will win against Yeovil. That is definite. Sheila has paid her gas bill and we win when she does this. BBC Radio Stoke Sport (Praise and Grumble) tonight.

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    Much better performance today , some excellent build up play ,shame we couldn't convert any of the decent chances we had. Thought the team was set up well. Thought Harry Pickering added something in midfield and combined well with zooms.The defence was solid albeit Yeovil were pretty ordinary up front.,and the new right back will make a difference for the run in. All is not lost !

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    Apart from ending up on his arse, I thought Pickering had a great game. A tackling midfielder with good distribution. Wow! Whatever next?

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    I missed out .....whilst taking a corner... from that first sentence. Sorry!

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    Just a shame we never tested either of their keepers.
    Thought they were there for the taking when the first one went off!

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