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Thread: Predictions - Derby v Norwich

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    Predictions - Derby v Norwich

    so lets rebuild with a match thread

    I will stick with my 2-1 home win. In order to attract local attention the prize will be some Arbroath Smokies

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    Heart says 1-1, head says 1-0 to them, i just got this sneaky feeling, our good run has to end somewhere and i think Norwich are well placed and have enough to be the ones to inflict damage, however if we win........

    I can't help but draw some comparisons to our 95/96 promotion year, 20 match unbeaten league run from 11 November 1995 to 5 March 1996, the club's best run inside of one season. We won 13 of those 20 scoring three or more goals on 8 occasions, is history trying to repeat itself?

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    We are going to have lots of games between now and the end of the season like this. If there was no pressure or unbeaten run you'd take us to win but the circumstances make them all seem tough.

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    Looks like it's just you and Roger, the main culprits

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    Hope so - why has there been whingeing or just deathly quiet there?

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    Is there a need to post at the moment?
    Just return and post and ignore the ****.

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    Nobody posting there will get people's attention far quicker

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    You really think so? Our editorial team is 1 of the strangest.
    Anyway I've messaged Bloomer.
    Let's see if he responds.

    Anyway it was more seeking his advise.

    I'll give a few days and if nothing is done, I'll speak to the Content Editor who runs the Liverpool board.

    NB: You buggers always need a Forest fan to clear your crap, don't you?

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    Well being a forest fan you should be used to seeing crap 😁

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